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Mai Shiranui Cosplay : Japan Fighters Photoshoot Part II

Mai Shiranui Cosplay : Japan Fighters Photoshoot Part II

 Shiranui Mai 不知火舞(しらぬいまい)from 餓狼傳說 / 拳皇
Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury / King of Fighters
Photographer: Tenchi Muyou

Mai shiranui is one of my favorite characters from KOF / Fatal Fury, i used to play with her when i was just a child, and the possibility of being her is always like 'a dream come true' feeling XD

Evolution of Mai´s Cosplay:

My first time as Mai was in 2006. I remember it was my bday! and i got the first place! I really like my presentation ^^/ Was so funny!!! I felt so much joy that day! You can see the video below (you can laugh at problem lol)

Second time i tried something different..but i was so nervous and shy lol dont know why...maybe cause my boyfriend was filming it at that time? lol not a good idea =)

The third time that i wore Mai with this new costume that i made was here:

Making Of :: Last Photoshoot

My first two costumes i did with a kind of Silk fabric. the last one i did with velvet. the other things were very similar tho. All 3 costumes were made by me ^^ *proud* Like i said last week, here on my blog, the place we shoot was amazing! A Japanese-style garden and a complete tatami room *love* hhahhhahaha Perfect set for a oriental theme photos! 

Final Result:

You can check all my photos here, hope you liked it:

High Quality:

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