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Kasumi Cosplay : Japan Fighters Photoshoot Part 1

Hi guys! Long time no see! Im ashamed...i totally forgot about my blog X.X know that nowadays with Facebook and instagram we forget everything else. LOL

So lets start the post o/

Kasumi Cosplay : Japan Fighters Photoshoot Part 1

Since last year when i debut my Kasumi Cosplay (from the game: Dead or Alive), i was wonder, how can i make a beautiful photoshoot for her? I was so excited about the idea, but i didnt have money or time to invest. 

After that when i got some money, and when i had some time, i gain like..5 kilos more. >.< Oh GOD. Well, i was very unhappy for a while..and i was not willing to make sexy photos at all...

But everything changed..i after some time, i got a job, i tried to eat well..and i got at least with a 'normal' i was feeling confident to make a good job as Kasumi and Mai (ill talk about Mai Shiranui in the next post) \o/ HAPPY!

Making the Cosplay:

I did Kasumi to be a guess at Ultimate Anime Rio. So it was made in 2 days (and i'm serious about that) but I was so satisfied about the result, that i didnt change anything! Had a lot of fun in it and felt very good because everyone was giving me compliments. So was like a dream come true. I was always a bg fan of Fighting Games! hohohoho~~ very tomboy girl! What made me so proud is that every little thing in this costume i did it on my own.

 A lot of people ask me about the painting.... T.T well was not easy. I painted a lot when i was a younger, so maybe cause of that i have skills for it. The sad part is that i asked a pro to do it, and i received it  with a very weird 'bird' on it... I didnt like what he did at all...well me and my friend Rafael (an angel in my life) went to a lot of Stores, to buy new inks for painting everything again  I did my best but i think it is cool!

Curious FactWhen i was sewing the costume, i notice the symbol on her back. And i google it..cause i was not remembering about it... And i discovered that it was her name 霞 , that means "Mist"! So cool! 

MakeUp: i see how i was so 'blank' the first time. Oh no! lol When i dont wear too much makeup i can easily look like a little girl. LOL Thats why is so important to me enhance my beauty with makeup. 

Fisrt time i was wearing a Geo Angel Brown lens.. but this time around i choose to wear my new EOS Ice Brown. I changed the wig too! I bought a new one at Ebay for 20 usd for my Asuka..but it came just not so i liked and cut the wig like that:

The Photshoot:

Tenchi (the photographer) and i searched about Japanese places here in my town. And we found 3 good places. But 2 were far..maybe for some future shoots. So we went to a Hotel here at Rio de Janeiro. And it was paid (of course) . Like 150 reais (75 USD) . But i did 2 photoshoots so i thought it was a good deal \o/ If anyone wants to know the address or anything more, send me a personal message at my Fanpage (

The japanese room, so nice!
Tenchi and me! 

Was a pretty hard job to edit a lot of photos! ^^' but in the end was ok. Like i said before, i liked a lot! And the best part is that people are giving me a lot of compliments. Always nice to hear good feedback! Means a lot! That way i will be inspired to do more and more! Thank you so much !!!!

for more photos:
Gallery in HQ: 

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  1. mesmo pagando acho que valeu super a pena porque suas fotos ficaram muito boas e é difícil ver gente com cenário tão legal assim pra fotos! Ainda mais que você aproveitou bem,2 cosplay com tema e as fotos em si ficaram boas u.u



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