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Catherine (Game) Cosplay Preview Photos

Hello! Long Time No See ~~~~
Happy to blog again! ^.^
Nowadays im working a lot, so...i couldn't keep my promise to blog again...but when i have time, i will put some new things here!

All these months..i only did 2 shoots! I did the Easter one, that i posted at my Fan Page at Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/PluMoonCosplays 

ok..i admit ... i only have time to post at my Fan Page .. cause its the way that i can approach my fans easily =) I love chat with you all S2


Like you all know already, this is very dear to me. One, cause i love the game, second, cause i am doing this one since i saw Omi Gibson with it. I just falled in love! I wanted so bad o/ But my main focus right now its no cosplay u.u i have to find a new job, something that i can do what i love, and pay my bills uhshushusuhshuhu So i only did this normal shoot with my own camera XD

Character's info : 
Catherine (キャサリン, Kyasarin) is a puzzle-platformer psychological horror adventure video game developed by Atlus.

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Ill give you my heart 
XoXo Catherine


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