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Halloween Cosplay Making Of : Vocaloid

Group/ Grupo:
PluMoon : Miku (Fox)
Pedro Yagami: Len (Hakamairi)
Carol: Rin (Hakamairi)

 Reference / Referência:
 Fox Miku's clothing appears at Project Diva Game. Supposedly it is a version of the "White Kimono" Miku. As you all know, we can change hair and eyes, that's why i decided to make the version with default aqua blue hair / eyes . Maybe in the future ill try the gradient black hair version, we'll see lol Len and Rin 's clothes are from the illustration / song called Hakamairi (part of a trilogy). The word 墓参り in Japanese, literally means "to visit a grave".

A roupa da Miku Fox aparece no jogo Project Diva. Supostamente ela é uma versão da White Kimono Miku. Como dá pra mudar cabelo e olhos, resolvi fazer a versão mas com os cabelo/olhos originais. Talvez futuramente tente fazer o cabelo degradê, veremos rs Já a roupa do Len e da Rin são da ilustração/música Hakamairi (que faz parte de uma trilogia). A palavra  墓参り em japonês significa "visitar a sepultura".  

Video /Song Music:

The disappearance of Hatsune 【 Miku Fox 

[Kagamine Len and Rin] Grave-Sending Song 【 送墓唄  PV

【鏡音リン】ハカマイリ【オリジナル】sub español PV

Making Of:
I really enjoyed sewing this outfit! The details are very beautiful, and the colors are very striking. Despite being predominantly black and red. I did 50% of clothing Rin too. The other 50% were own Carol did along with her boyfriend Pedro Yagami. Pedro was the one who did all the accessories! This group was gorgeous, I'm proud to be part of it. The photos were better than I expected (because you know that I do not think i'm a beautiful dressed Miku LOL)! I take this opportunity to thank the photographer : Biel Garcia! Love his work in the studio! Impeccable! S2 

Eu gostei muito de costurar esta roupa! Os detalhes são muito bonitos, e as cores são bem chamativas. Mesmo sendo predominante o preto e o vermelho. Eu fiz 50% da roupa da Rin também. Os outros 50% foram a própria Carol que fez junto com seu namorado Pedro Yagami. OPedro que confeccionou os acessórios! Este grupo ficou lindo, tenho orgulho de fazer parte dele. As fotos ficaram melhores do que eu esperava (pois vocês sabem que eu não me acho muito bonita vestida de Miku)! Aproveito e agradeço aqui o fotógrafo Biel Garcia! Adoro o trabalho dele no estudio! Impecável! S2



A personal quote here: I had a lot of problems with my past groups cosplayers. Well the thing is...sometimes prizes, and fame is more important than friendship. We all are the same. Well...some cosplayers are more known than others but this doesn't mean that you are better, and you dont have to act superior! Friends are more important ! Cause cosplay is not forever, friendship is! So thanks to Carol and Pedro Yagami for making this photoshoot with me, and  for being so present in my life 

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Halloween Uta no Prince Sama STARISH Cosplay

Naaaaaaaaaaahh~~HI everyone! 
Ok super fast post. Just to show my new photoshoot! We did our Halloween Party and shoot these photos in São Paulo, November 2nd. *_* I hope you like it!
How you guys do your halloween? Well, mine was November 2nd and i went to SP to see my friends from STARISH! *_* It was a lot of fun! I was a Pirate! Pirate Syo Kurusu LOL

"So come with me ... under the sea... 
yeah, we can be together ^.~"

Me ( Plu Moon Cosplays ) as Syo Kurusu from Uta no Prince Sama Halloween

Photos by Anne & Dana - Cosplay

~~~~~\=^~^=/   \=^~^=/  OMAKE  \=^~^=/  \=^~^=/ ~~~~

S/ Amanda as Shinomiya Natsuki
T/ Anne as Ichinose Tokiya
A/ Jull as Aijima Cecil
R/ Simone as Jinguji Ren
I/ Dana as Ittoki Otoya
S/ Mary as Kurusu Syo
H/ Dri as Hijirikawa Masato

I didnt update here the 'normal' version. We did 2000% Maji Love on July at Anime Friends 2013. Soon ill do a complete post about it. I was kind of bleehhh about reviving my blog, but ill do more like a photo with text thing. It will be easier and that way i can post more things! \o/

 Thank you everyone that supports us! Was amazing!
 Hope to dance again next year =*** Kisses

See you soon! <3 p="">


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