domingo, 10 de novembro de 2013

Halloween Uta no Prince Sama STARISH Cosplay

Naaaaaaaaaaahh~~HI everyone! 
Ok super fast post. Just to show my new photoshoot! We did our Halloween Party and shoot these photos in São Paulo, November 2nd. *_* I hope you like it!
How you guys do your halloween? Well, mine was November 2nd and i went to SP to see my friends from STARISH! *_* It was a lot of fun! I was a Pirate! Pirate Syo Kurusu LOL

"So come with me ... under the sea... 
yeah, we can be together ^.~"

Me ( Plu Moon Cosplays ) as Syo Kurusu from Uta no Prince Sama Halloween

Photos by Anne & Dana - Cosplay

~~~~~\=^~^=/   \=^~^=/  OMAKE  \=^~^=/  \=^~^=/ ~~~~

S/ Amanda as Shinomiya Natsuki
T/ Anne as Ichinose Tokiya
A/ Jull as Aijima Cecil
R/ Simone as Jinguji Ren
I/ Dana as Ittoki Otoya
S/ Mary as Kurusu Syo
H/ Dri as Hijirikawa Masato

I didnt update here the 'normal' version. We did 2000% Maji Love on July at Anime Friends 2013. Soon ill do a complete post about it. I was kind of bleehhh about reviving my blog, but ill do more like a photo with text thing. It will be easier and that way i can post more things! \o/

 Thank you everyone that supports us! Was amazing!
 Hope to dance again next year =*** Kisses

See you soon! <3 p="">

4 comentários:

  1. Such a cool Halloween party!!!! The outfits are so awesome!

    1. thank you so much *_* glad u like it!
      ill check your blog too!
      big kisses

  2. sua pessoa perfeita *-------*
    lindaversão Halloween ♥

    puro amor!

    sucesso com o Grupo de Utapri =D

    tudo de bom!

    1. obrigada lindona! saudade de upar o blog e de ver vc! mesmo q virtualmente rs que bom que gostou! mil beijos! S2



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